Thursday, December 16, 2010


Many of the individualized gifts I make each year are influenced by something I have on hand and want to get rid of (i.e. make space for more stuff). These are often items I receive as gifts but do not use (and see the potential for somebody else - a re-gift if you will), or items purchased at after Christmas sales, etc.

First up, my dear friend Leslie. I think most years I have made her an ornament (2007, 2009), so I decided to keep with that tradition. I made a terranium-inspired ornament in one of those glass bulbs from Michaels. This isn't a living terrarium, so it can be packed up with the rest of the ornaments when the tree comes down.

For the girls, I made a hot chocolate gift basket. Although I had already made the scarves for them, I had all of the elements in the gift basket on hand, and just needed to buy the bucket at the dollar store. Getting rid of this stuff will free up a lot of space!

For a co-worker who recently graciously gave us a free trip to Disneyland, I used some copper elements I have held on to for some time - a bottle of room spray and a container that probably once held a watch. Hank picked out a lovely owl brooch to accompany a gift card to Nordstrom (intended for Nordstrom Rack - the office is all abuzz that one opened recently nearby).

For this small one, I used a book we received as a gift but didn't think we would re-read (I *know* it's a classic, but kinda short and wasn't too entertaining for any of us) and added a Little Seed onesie purchased from Target one they went on clearance plus a carrot softie I made using some beautiful handmade felt.

(I have a travel wipes package inside so I crinkle!)

So happy with how this turned out! Will keep this idea in mind for future baby gifts (I bought a few of these onesies in various colors).

I will do a separate post for the gifts I am making for Hank, provided I - er - get them done...


Recent favorite: This looks really good to me - brussel sprouts and all

Working on: Last of the gifts besides those for Hank

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telfair said...

Beautiful, tasteful, thoughtful - just like the person who made them. :)