Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The stocking dilemma

I have been touting my stocking tutorial shamelessly the last couple of weeks without disclosing an important piece of information - we won't be using them this year.

This year was a little rocky in the extended family department. Nothing new or incredibly unique compared to the average American family, but made for some difficult conversations and hurt feelings. We are basically back on the right track, but all felt it may be good to do our own thing for Christmas this year.

I did have some stocking making obligations to attend to this year. Since we won't be doing the big family thing, I decided to procrastinate and put off making stockings for a new husband and his son who became part of our family. Will catch them, the couple's baby girl, and two more nieces/nephews in 2011 (that's 5 stockings for those of you who are counting - another example of present Jen screwing future Jen through procrastination...)

One stocking I did want to make, though, was for our new cousin-in-law from The Reception. We see this couple quite often now, and, after finding the young woman's stocking this year, thought it would be only right to make one for her main squeeze. You recall that he likes Dr. Pepper, right? Well, it seemed there was only one thing that could be used to adorn his stocking - a can of DP! He was very excited to see his stocking, and I hope that they decide to continue the tradition with their new family.


Favorite of the day: Amanda does it again! A meaningful and interactive activity for the entire family.

Working on: Present for Grandma - gotta get to the post office this week!

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