Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trash party - Favors

No birthday post on the birthday boy's day. Why? He has a bit of a sinus infection, and therefore we had a bit of a rotten day yesterday. No worries, as he will now have some meds, has a mini party tonight with Nana and Grandpa, and tomorrow is his super fun trash party!

Anyway, here are the favors for the party. I know party favors are getting a bit of a bad rap lately, but I tried very hard to put in things that are a little different, better quality, and might actually get used.

First, some Pustefix bubbles (link is the store I bought them from - cheapest I found for the small bottles). It seems most store-bought bubbles have gotten weaker as I have gotten older (or maybe granny can't blow them the way she used to...) Pustefix bubbles are pretty awesome, and they last a really long time. They are always a hit at the park when I bring them out.

Also included in the bags are crayons shaped like dump trucks (closest I could find to trash trucks - from this etsy seller), some coloring cards I printed out from online sources, and a bag of Annie's fruit snacks. The bags were finished simply with yarn and a sticker.

I am using a similar idea for the treat bags for Hank to take to school next week!


Favorite of the day: This just may be Hank's annual Christmas hat. I forgot how much I loved The Monkees!

Working on: Cupcakes!

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Jenn said...

So cute!

Happy Birthday, Hank!