Sunday, November 21, 2010

Merry Grinchmas!

Looks like we picked a good year for a Whoville themed Christmas tree :)

(Purchased from Target, Michaels, and Ikea)

Favorite of the day: N/A

Working on: T-day hostess gift


Jane said...

Did you see the Grinch advent calendar at Dollar Store Crafts? Super cute! If I find the link, I'll forward it to you.

Patty Biermans said...

Do you have a different theme for your tree every year? I like that! I would like to do the same but it's a bit of a struggle with my hubbie, he likes only silver in a christmastree. So I make every other year one for him. Greetings....Peebee

Jennifer said...

@Jane - Please do - I didn't see it!

@Patty - Yes, I do a different theme every year. It is difficult to justify with the cost, and I kind of have to part ways with favorite ornaments each year or else we would be overrun. I think for our 10-year anniversary we will have a regular tree with our original ornaments :)