Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little gift for Miss Thing

Miss Sarah is expecting a baby soon! This baby is oh so special, as Sarah bravely made it through multiple miscarriages, and had some scares early in this pregnancy that kept all of her readers on edge. So overjoyed that Miss Thing will soon be making her debut! A special gift was surely in order.

Sarah indicated that she wanted to do a mini quilt wall in Miss Thing's room. Sarah loves thrift stores and flea markets, and has a wonderful assortment of vintage linens. I am sure she will have no trouble putting together a wall of this type on her own, but I thought I could add one little quilt to the effort.

My inspiration was the book Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnager. This is one of those books I look through in wide-eyed wonder, pausing on each page to try and take in all the details on the projects themselves as well as everything else shown in the pictures. I took this design from the "My House" Tapestry shown on page 55 of the book.

After making this teeny tiny quilt version, I just cannot fathom making a full-size one. But, it was so rewarding to put together this one using fabrics all from my stash (still love pink, aqua and red together after all these years), cutting and sewing the appliques, as well as adding the embroidery.

Hope Miss Thing enjoys the fun room her mama is designing for her!


Favorite of the day: The most beautiful wedding toss in the whole wide world

Working on: Too much at once!


vilterietje said...

hope missthing will have a cloud of a baby (dutch expression)
love, riet:)

Sarah and Jack said...

It is such a wonderful gift too!

(And you have a photo of the beautiful package. Jack ripped into that paper like a rabbit on speed, lol.)