Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hank's Trash Party

The trash party went off without a hitch! Even the weather was perfect, which was in question in light of recent days of high heat and winds, or rain.

Here are a few pics of the set up. The party was held at a local park, as we still don't have a backyard. I tried to keep things kind of casual and earthy. The tables were covered with brightly colored sheets and had potted vegetable plants in compostable pots (similar to here - complete with a bottle cap decoration, which I mounted on a stick to put in the pot).

In an effort to promote was reduction, we used the paper lanterns hung between two poles instead of balloons for decorations.

In the invites, we requested that people not bring a gift, but instead bring a book for a book exchange with other party-goers. The favors were also on this table.

I brought Hank's playmat from home and his collection of trash trucks. Everybody was surprised to see how many he has. We try to keep toys to a minimum, but somehow the trash truck collection has gotten a little out of control (groan). The kids had fun with the trucks.

BT built the truck shown in the first pic out of cardboard boxes (and a few of the cheesier/scratched records from our collection - bye, Claudine). We also had a bin of recyclables for kids to throw into the back of the truck.

The truck was brought home, and has since been modified to allow Hank to crawl into the cab and includes a steering wheel - he loves it! Who needs toys when cardboard boxes are so fun?

The kids at the party were pretty young, so we didn't have any games. I did set up a table to make paint chip puppets a la Jek. There were also magazines, stickers, and construction paper to decorate the trash truck.

We had the party catered by a local Greek restaurant. For the kids, though, I made little lunchbags each filled with a sunbutter and jelly sandwich, chips, raisins, a tangerine, and a juice box.

The kids could keep their lunchbags, and the plates and flatware used by the adults were all compostable (I even bought some of those fancy wooden forks)

For cake we had dirt and worms cupcakes!

The party was fun on its own, but the highlight was certainly a visit from a real trash truck

I will never forget the look of pure joy on Hank's face as he grabbed his dada's hand to run to the trash truck. It was totally free for the truck to come (even without my connections - call your local sanitation department or waste hauler, and I'm sure they would be happy to do the same for your trash truck loving kid!), and much more entertaining for the kids than a bounce house.

Happy Birthday to our little trash man!


Favorite of the day: nada

Working on: a diet plan - I really hated seeing myself in the birthday pics :(


Jenn said...

ohmygosh! He's so darn adorable sitting in the truck!

Looks like a very fun party!

Need a diet buddy? I'm pretty disgusted with myself :D

vilterietje said...

you can really see the joy on his face! love, riet:)

Heather Woollove said...

What a fun mommy you are!!
It's wonderful to read about the love and care you lavish on your son. My girls are grown and I do miss those days sometimes! :)

MrsScrapDiva said...

What an Awesome Party! You have so many great ideas here and the cherry on top...a visit from the real garbage truck. Great Job!