Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fall "wreath"

More like a door hanger, really.

I was all set to use this wreath, which I "fallified" by adding bands of burnt orange and mustard yellow. I made all the little fall gourds and yo-yos on a driving trip up to San Francisco. Everything was set and ready to go, and then plop - I dropped the wreath on the ground as I was trying to hang it up. It broke into four unrepairable pieces.

On to Plan B. I used a plastic macrame ring I had on hand and glued all the pieces I made to it. A little small to use as a wreath, I made a door hanger out of it. It is cute, but kind of lamenting the hours it took me to wrap the yarn one...oh well.

(Fairy tale pumpkin purchased for 99 cents post-Halloween!)


Favorite of the day: Evie D! I heart you!

Working on: T-day hostess gift (for the first time in many years, I will not be hosting)


vilterietje said...

beautifull doorhanger and i love your pumpkin!
love, riet:)

Lilian Carvalho said...

muito bellooo!!