Saturday, October 30, 2010

Skeleton shelf sitter

There are a few squeal worthy projects that pop up now and again online that make me want to drop everything else and just work on them. I think I've mentioned before that I tag these projects as "must do" in Bloglines.

Well, the Mahar Drygoods sock skeleton was one of those projects. When this project was posted, by Robert as a class offered here locally plus the kit, which he sells online, and later by Martha after a guest appearance by Robert on her show, I wanted nothing else than to make this skinny limbed little guy.

I ended up buying the kit at Home Ec (which is no longer brick and mortar - so sad!), as the cardboard coffin was just to precious to pass up. True, the kit consists of literally a sock and a pencil plus adornments, but honestly, the way things go for me, I probably would have spent the $10 to buy the components individually, and would not have ended up with a cute cardboard coffin in the end.

The skeleton sat through last Halloween in pieces, but was put together during the craft room spring cleaning. He's been sitting on my desk ever since, waiting for Halloween. I felt like on of those families that leave their Christmas lights up all year, and feel so clever once the holidays roll around, and all they have to do is flip a switch.


Favorite of the day: Very timely to see this (but not for use for Halloween)

Working on: Halloween finishing touches


vilterietje said...

Hahahahaha! I know what you mean by those Christmas lights, it seems I can't get rid of them either! Love your skelleton.
Love, Riet

Patty Biermans said...

I wish that we had Halloween in Holland. I like those creepy and also funny things for this event. ?The skeleton is very funny. Lovely. Greetings... Patty

Very Mary said...

Oh Jen, I do so love a skeleton lounging in a coffin.