Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pirate Party Outfit

So -- the pirate party Hank is invited to is not necessarily a dress up party. I am making an assumption that having a themed party so close to Halloween will involve some costumes, or at least the kids will be wearing elements reflecting the swashbuckling heroes of the high seas. Regardless if nobody else is in costume, my little boy is not yet two, and does not realize he should be embarrassed when his mom dresses him like a dork - hehe.

His costume party outfit was made from thrift store components, including a pair of little boy's dress pants, a white button down shirt, and a blue velvet long-sleeved top.

(carrot bribe in his hand)

The pants were cut in a jagged pattern at the knee. I also made belt loops on the sides to run his play scarf through. No modifications were needed on the white shirt.

I removed the sleeves from the blue velvet top and cut it up the center. I hemmed the cut parts, adding a silver gimp braid trim as a I sewed the new hems up the sides and around the neck. I added a silver button to the vest.

Hat purchased from the dollar store and his regular stinky boy feet skully slip ons are from Payless. Total cost: $5 (clothes were on sale at the thrift store that day - score!)


Favorite of the day: So yes, I want to be a party planner, but not sure I could keep pace with the high design (and high cost) of parties highlighted on my favorite blogs. I figure even the least creative among us can do something fabulous if they are willing to plop down their credit card and buy the exact right serving platters, vintage props, organic art supplies for favors, etc. I give this designer sooo much credit. This gal deserves major kudos for putting on such a classy event that really, when you break down the elements, probably was not insanely expensive other than the specialty food items. It is rare for me to read blog posts in great detail nowadays, but I pored over every word of this one.

Working on: Invites for Hank's b-day take two


vilterietje said...

So you see that with a lot of creativity, dressing up does not have tocost a lot of money!
I realy love it.
Love, Riet

Heidi said...

I enjoy looking at party planning blogs too, but I am just blown away by how much those parties must cost, especially kids' birthday parties. There was one recently that was for a 2-year-old and the mom bought custom-made stick ponies off etsy for all the guests, among MANY other things. It was nuts. I bet that party cost upwards of $1000.

The mermaid party is pretty, but the description of everything was gaggy and over the top. For crying out loud.

I love your party ideas! I love that you do things on a budget, that you always have thoughtful details. I used the veggies in a cup idea you showed a few weeks ago at an event last weekend and will do it again at my Halloween party on Saturday!

And Hank makes the cutest darn pirate ever. :)

Jennifer said...

@Heidi - Yeah, I know EXACTLY which party you are referring to. My goodness - save the dough for the kid's college fund.

telfair said...

OMG - that is the cutest costume ever.

It certainly helps that the wearer is absolutely adorable, too.
Nice work mama!

Jenn said...

He is so adorable! And getting so big!