Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo wall

Ok - Last Reception post, and back to our regularly scheduled program - which should, God willing, include some Halloween fun. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the photo wall.

(Looks like a 1960s yearbook pic)

As stated, the photo wall was entirely made by BT. He mounted a piece of plywood "chalkboard style" to give it steady legs to prevent it from being pushed over (no reports of anybody tripping over the legs, which was a concern as well).

(The best shots were when all the frames were filled. Check out that Dr. Pepper endorsement on the left!)

After painting the whole shebang, he cut out holes for the three large frames. He was worried he would accidentally cut the holes too big, but of course they were just right.

(The bride and groom)

Then, he added the wallpaper. Just for the record, Lowe's has an amazing section for wallpaper and wallpaper application supplies. Home Depot (at least our two local stores) seem to not be aware that wallpaper is back in vogue, and did not have any equipment. The wallpaper we used was vintage, and therefore a little brittle. BT worked so hard to make sure everything lined up, but with the ripping that was taking place at the ends, he had to just accept things the way they turned out. I am sure not one other person noticed the little imperfections that he could see.

(Some people were so creative!)

Next, we added framed wedding photographs from both sides of the family, including grandparents, parents, and siblings. We hot glued them on to avoid messing with screwing them in place and to allow for last minute additions. We were missing one picture, which bothered ME the whole night, but I have begrudgingly come to terms with how my husband's family operates.

(Sometimes you just want to strangle them!)

We also had a basket of props behind the photo booth.

I was glad that they were not over-used, and we ended up with just the right amount of goofy prop pictures.

(BT's sister and her fun loving family)

If we did this again, we would probably include a backdrop. It would have been nice to have better lighting or a better flash, but that was not in the budget. We will be setting up a creepified version of the photo wall in our front yard on Halloween for folks to take their own pictures, then will be listing it on Craigslist. I can see so many uses for this (wedding, reunion, company picnic) so I am inclined to think that if I put the right key words, it will most likely sell.



Recent favorite: I want to start making Hank more "fun food." So far we just have "dinosaur trees" (broccoli) and cookie cutter cut sandwiches.

Working on: Hank's b-day.


Annjilla said...

LOL! I wish I were in your ward and knew you past this blog. This is hilarious!

Harmony said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this!!! I want to make one just to have around and take random pictures! (But, really, who has the space for that!?)

Very Mary said...

You are cool as shit.