Friday, October 22, 2010

It's raining -- it's pouring

Many moons ago, when I purchased the Keep Calm calendar printables, I also purchased a Rainy Day kit from Little Brown Pen. I love printables so much!! They are cute in their own right (in this case, just print 4 recipes for a fun-filled rainy day, including Eat: recipe for brownies, Drink: recipe for warm vanilla milk, Give: gift tags for the brownies, and Pamper: recipe for salt scrub) and slip them in the envelope you print and cut.

But, I figured it would be so much more fun to doll up this gift a little bit. I included elements to create the recipes in a small gift box.

There is some chocolate to make the brownies, a cute-as-can-be write on mug from Cost Plus for the Drink recipe, some pre-assembled labels for giving the brownies, and a small jar with salt in it for the Pamper recipe.

This is going out to a special blog friend who has been having a rough go of it lately, but is managing to keep her chin up. I *think* by the time this reaches her, it will be raining at her place as well.


Favorite of the day: Is it too late to make these?

Working on: Writing the ultimate list of every damn "to do" I can think of that has been nagging at me.


telfair said...

So cute!! You always manage to find the most elegant gifts and go the extra mile to make them even more thoughtful & clever & special.
I hope someone in YOUR life does as many nice things for you as you do for other people. :)

mascanlon said...

Oh gosh, I just could face a really complete "To Do" list!

Very Mary said...

Your friend loves you.