Sunday, October 17, 2010

A gift for a pirate

Hank's little neighbor friend is having a birthday this month. The family hosts the best themed birthday parties for their kids based on their current interests (last year the theme was outer space - remember?) Is it a coincidence or fate that the mom wants to be a party planner as well -- hmmm...may need to discuss this opportunity with her during the party :)

This year's theme for the boy's party is pirates. Coincidentally, we cleaned out our garage recently (so liberating!) and found a couple of items that would be appropriate for a pirate themed gift - namely a wooden chest and a glass bottle with a cork in it.

The treasure chest was purchased unfinished 10 years ago. I *believe* the original intended use was for a wedding gift. We wanted to get $100 in gold coins to put in the box. What even spurred this idea, I could not tell you. Suffice it to say, BT did stain it at some point, but we didn't give it away, and it has been sitting in the garage ever since.

The other item was a heavy glass bottle used as part of this tiki party (see it washed up on the beach?) It had a note inside from Ginger (Gilligan's Island). I held onto it as part of our tiki party gear. As part of the garage clean out, I challenged myself to whittle down the storage boxes holding tiki party supplies from 4 to 3, and the bottle did not make the cut.

I found some great inspiration for pirate dress up ideas - namely this set, and items from this etsy seller. I set out to make a few items to include in the treasure chest, including

an eye patch made from felt and elastic, and a bag for "booty" (i.e. chocolate coins)

(I *love* the spy glass sold here, but could not justify the cost. So, this is just a cheapy version bought two for $1)

the materials to make a message in a bottle using the infamous glass bottle

(the cork for the bottle and a fancy pen are in the plastic baggie)

A play scarf to use as a head scarf, a kerchief, a dashing belt, or anything else the little pirate can think up (the piece of red fabric was pilfered from Hank's fabric basket. He has a red play scarf of his own)

A parrot to sit on his shoulder (it's a pin)

and a treasure map

made using a piece of muslin and fabric pens. The map design, admittedly, was from the Family Fun site, which I re-rendered in my own special non-artistic way.

I tried overall to stay away from cheap disposable wares for this gift (minus the spy glass), as pirate accessories can easily be found at the dollar store. All told, this gift only cost $2 (in current dollars) for the chocolate coins and the spy glass!

Now we just need to come up with a pirate outfit for our scallywag :)


Favorite of the day: Swedishness (via Modern Kiddo)

Working on: Hank's b-day

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vilterietje said...

Must gonna be a great pirate party!
Love, Riet