Monday, October 25, 2010

Cute vintage games

at Cost Plus this year

I go through periods when I feel like I am Cost Plus a few days a week (usually around this time of year). Love this store! They just have such an awesome variety of gifty things, seasonal decor, and fun food items. I don't have any need for these vintage games, but when has that stopped me before?
Favorite of the day: Another winner from Blonde Designs

Working on: back to Hank's party prep


vilterietje said...

It's realy the time of the yoear for old fashioned games! I love them all.
Love, Riet

Michele-Play Parks said...

I love those! And I hate shopping, but I love Cost Plus (and that says something!).

Patty Biermans said...

The picture of the Ludo game is very interesting for me. We go every year to a campsite in France and it's name is "Ludo camping".
I did not know that it was a game! I love it.!! Greetings, Patty