Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bachelorette party!

Here are a few pics from the bachelorette party I hosted the week before The Reception

Although my co-planner, the bride's sister (my sister-in-law), was disappointed that I did not go all zebra-striped/pink and black/feather boa-y (like
this, perhaps?), I was excited to use some cute plates I had bought on a whim the week previous at Target.

And nothing says Wild & Crazy Bachelorette Party like a pompom garland!

Ok, so it wasn't the raciest party in the world -- I told my sister-in-law to think more Sex and the City versus Bordello.

My mom and BT's aunt did a fabulous job with food prep the day of. We used the veggie sticks in dip idea again, plus Coconut Curry Chicken Sticks from Trader Joe's, honey wheat pretzel sticks, melon balls, meatballs, etc. Did you sense a theme with those food items? My subtle perversion to add to this predominantly Mormon party :)

Truly, I was worried about even serving a "mocktail," as I know most LDS women want to avoid even the appearance of evil. But I thought serving virgin Cosmos (just cranberry juice and lime juice) would be fun and would bring in my sister-in-law's requisite pink requirement.

The favors were tame as well - just Ring Pops in ring boxes (that were 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree)

As it turned out, those Mormon girls were crazy!! They decorated the bachelorette's car with penis printed balloons and racy sayings. I also heard stories about the girls attending Brown Bag parties, as well as a bachelorette party that involved a fellatio class. I myself must have prudes for friends, as I have never been invited to parties like that.

(Emily being serenaded to "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." Yes, the lyrics were changed dramatically, but Emily was a good sport about things)

We went to a piano bar after the party. There were some potentially offensive parts, but surprisingly the piano players did not pick on our group for drinking nothing but water the whole night. They did, however, pick on the 20-something-year-old girls in our group that were texting and looking genuinely bored (versus offended) with the whole thing. I guess piano bars are more for 30+year-old broads like me and my sister-in-law, who belted out every Journey, Bon Jovi, and Neil Diamond song they threw our way. Oh, and the 40ish "cougars" in the back of the room were having a blast as well. Guess the young gals would rather just listen to their ipods. Or Justin Bieber.


Favorite of the day: Wish I had thought of a site like this first

Working on: Halloween decor


Heidi said...

The detail nerd in me loves that even the food matched the colors in the plates. :) And I love the Ring Pops in the ring boxes favor idea--cute!

This Mormon girl has never even been to a bachelorette party! LOL But I have thrown many showers for my friends and we probably incorporated BP-ish elements into those--I remember for one friend we did Lingerie of the Month club and came up with all kinds of crazy outfits, and for another we went to the thrift store and bought all the nastiest, rattiest lingerie we could find. And then for another, I made a garland of bras to hang up and decorated a cake with Hostess Snowballs to look like boobies. And those same friends threw me a shower where the theme was "Booty Camp". So same idea, different parties, I guess. LOL

Partyinfodiva said...

This is a great example of a clean bachelorette party (even though it went in both directions)! Great bachelorette party ideas! I love how you came up with inexpensive party favors for the girls & it turned out super cute!

Temeculamom said...

I don't know what a brown bag party is, but it looks like you threw a great party to me. I love the mocktail idea, and it seems like you did it exactly right. If it was LDS, I wouldn't see the need for anything alcoholic anyway. I remember getting a couple of embarrassing presents from some of my sisters' friends at my wedding shower that I wasn't expecting, especially because my mother-in-law was there. Of course my mother-in-law is probably less conservative than I was! I think you were very creative, and I love your budget party ideas!!

stevenjared0853 said...

Glad to know about your bachelorette party and hope you had great time. Last month, all our friends gathered and celebrated one of our friends bachelor party as he is getting married next month at one beautiful venues in San Francisco. It was a great party.