Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Reception: Odds and Ends

I shouldn't say this, as the jinx quotient with a statement like this is high, but I think I am all but ready for The Reception this Friday!

I am ready -- but BT, on the other hand, has a long way to go. His photo booth needs a lot of work, and he is still working on the soda for the big day. I guess I should shift gears to help him out.

Here are a few odds and ends I made to complete the event ~

1) Label holders for "cake balls"

The bride became obsessed with the idea of having cake balls at her event, and bless her heart has been rolling and dipping them for about a month now. I made these wee flower pot label holders to identify the different flavors. We have a cool idea for displaying them using the elevated glass idea from this site.

Project cost: Pots $7 + wire $0 + moss $1 + flowers $0 + pins $0 = $8

2) Covered clothespins and "gallery label" for groom's drawings

One thing I knew I had to incorporate into the event was a set of drawings the groom made for the bride over the course of a semester in school. In mentioning that he was bored in the class, the bride asked him to draw her a picture. He proceeded to draw her one each class, showing all the things he wished he was doing instead with her. The final drawing was them in front of the Temple getting married.

He is embarrassed of the drawings, but everybody else thinks they are so sweet. The bride is mounting them to paper, and they will be hung off of the dot banner using fabric covered clothespins (same fabric used with the embroidery hoops). A gallery like description of the drawings will be mounted next to the banner.

Project cost: Clothespins $0 + fabric scraps $0 + frame $1 = $1

3) Dr. Pepper sign

Looks like we will only have one soda at The Reception - Dr. Pepper. The groom's family in particular are big fans, particularly Dublin Dr. Pepper made with real sugar. The family scored us a box of fountain syrup which BT was able to carbonate in the kegerator. I found this vintage image of a Dr. Pepper bottle to use as a sign. The numbers apparently refer to the times of the day (10 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock) when you should have a Dr. Pepper.

Project cost: Frame = $1

I still have a list of things to do, but really feel on top of things. Hoping it all comes together as envisioned!


Remaining reception decorating budget: $501

Project cost for odds and ends: $10

Remaining reception decorating budget: $491


Favorite of the day: Nothing new today

Working on: Food prep for bachelorette party


Michele said...

I've really really really enjoying seeing all your ideas come together! I'm sure the happy couple is excited that their day is here but I'm a little disappointed the prep posts will end. ;) Amazing ideas! So inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. I love checking in daily to see what is next & new. I really like the Dr. Pepper frame, may I ask where you found it?

Jennifer said...

The frame is new at Ikea -- only 99 cents! It is just plastic, but looks so stylish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer. We're re-doing my 12yo bedroom for her birthday and we've promised a trip to IKEA. So, a couple of the frames will be on our list.