Monday, September 13, 2010

The Reception: Note cards

So you thought you were on easy street - that you would have just a few more posts about party planning to endure before The Reception (which is September 24, btw). Lo and behold, here comes another party -- I will now be hosting a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be the Wednesday before her wedding. I am not upset about this recent development, but do look forward to getting back to my boring evenings of Netflix watching (well, I still watch Netflix, but I feel guilty about it, knowing there is something else I should be doing instead).

A cheap and easy accessory for any wedding is to have cards or a banner that say cute things like "Just Wed," "Mr. & Mrs.," "Thank You," etc. I have seen paper signs like the ones I made, pennant garlands, wooden signs, chalkboards, and other unique expressions of love or gratitude. Such a cute and easy way for the couple to capture some fun pictures on their special day!


Remaining reception decorating budget: $790

Estimated project cost for paper signs: $0

Actual project cost: $0

Remaining reception decorating budget: $790


Favorite of the day: You remember my bike? I am having bike envy...

Working on: Really want to get the alternate guest book done early this week

1 comment:

CYNCIALifornia said...

I might add that your "TOM <3 Shayna" banner now adorns the window above our kitchen sink. And your centerpiece from the luncheon is proudly displayed on the center of our dinner table.

We love ya. :)