Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Reception: Tableware

Ah, here is a budget buster. Purchased from my new favorite party supply website. The box that arrived with the stuff for The Reception and The Luncheon was so big and fantastic - I should have snapped a pic before I tore into it like a kid on Christmas morning.

We bought 250 ecru cocktail napkins, 500 ecru dinner napkins (shown here), 500 cups, 500 forks, and 500 clear plastic plates. I had never bought 500 of anything before this...


Remaining reception decorating budget: $790

Estimated cost for disposables: Not in original budget (uh oh)

Cost for disposables: $150 + shipping (~$30)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $610

(So what's the deal? I will be saving a lot of money on this event as the groom's family stepped in to rent tablecloths, greenery, etc. So, I said I would pick up this particular expense.)


Favorite of the day: Sky Mall

Working on: Bachelorette party stuff

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