Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Reception: Chandelier

This was a great find -- not sure how it will be used, but ties in with some of the ampersand elements we are using (these, and eventually will be added between these).

I knew I wanted to have some kind of fun chandelier at The Reception, but kind of struck out finding something that was whimsical but not too fussy. I looked on etsy several times, but didn't see anything that struck my fancy. Then, one day, I must have entered the right search terms to find this gem

I covered it in some scrapbook paper that includes three out of the four colors being used at the reception. As mentioned, not sure where it will go, but I'm sure it will be a fun element!


Remaining reception decorating budget: $826

Estimated project cost for chandelier: $50

Actual cost: Wooden base $29 (shipped from Australia) + paper $4 + ribbon $3 = $36 ($14 under budget)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $790


Favorite of the day: This sounds so good!

Working on: Watching Mad Men via Netflix - I'm obsessed!!

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