Friday, September 17, 2010

The Reception: Alternative guest book

This was one of the first projects I mentioned in relation to The Reception, but it has taken me this long to get my heinie in gear to finish it.

(The glue marks leads me to believe the frame held a mirror)

It all started with a frame, found at the thrift store. This was after finding out the couple was engaged, but before I had offered to help with anything. I walked by the frame in the store a few times. I finally convinced myself that I would buy it to see if the couple liked it, and if so could make something to serve as an alternative to a guest book.

Then, I turned the frame over, and saw this

!!!! Can you believe it! Granted, I have since seen a very similar frame (holding a mirror) at Cost Plus for less than $100. The thrifted frame cost me $17.

The couple loved the frame, and fit with some of the preliminary ideas we discussed for The Reception. The couple told me they wanted to incorporate their long distance relationship in some way. It was BT's idea to use a map.

The map was mounted over a sheet of cork. I was happy to find a map printed in soft, neutral colors.

I connected the cities the couple lived in while they were dating with pins and embroidery floss. I marked the cities with tiny tags.

Next to the *guest book* will be a framed note explaining that the couple had to travel "back and forth for love."

(The pen holder was made from an old cocoa tin covered in the same textured paper used to cover this pen holder so long ago - packrat!)

There will be small squares of paper (index cards cut in half) for folks to write a note to the couple and pin to the map using green map pins. I hope people don't think they need to pin the note on the city they are from -- that is not the intent. The whole map should be covered with notes by the end of the night. The cool thing about this project is that the couple can leave it as is for a period of time, but once they get sick of it, they can remove the notes and keep them in a jar or a box.

I told the couple if they do eventually send the frame off to the thrift store, they MUST leave the original Anthro tag on it :)


Remaining reception decorating budget: $599

Estimated project cost for alternative guest book: $100 (Budget also included 2 framed pics of the couple to be displayed on the entrance table. I bought the frames, but the couple currently has them to add their pics)

Actual project cost: frame $17 + cork $8 + map $16 + easel $0 (borrow) + box $0 + slips of paper $5 + map pins $25 + framed instructions $10 + two framed pics of couple $13 + pens $4 + pen holder = $98 (pshew - came close on that one!)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $501


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Coleen said...

I never have that much luck at our thrift store! What a great find, and a great idea!

telfair said...

I love it! That map turned out beautifully!

LeeAnn said...

Love the frame! That turned out so beautiful. We did something similar for our wedding. We used a world map and had everyone guess where we would be going on our honeymoon. Since we both have been abroad many places it was anyone's guess where we would go. So they grabbed a piece of paper to write their names on it and a push pin. At the end of the night we announced where we were going the the person who had the closest guess got bragging rights.