Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Luncheon!

Everything went off without a hitch for the second event - The Luncheon - that I have been preparing for as of late!

(food table with paper lined baskets to the left)

Well, there was admittedly some concern with how everything was going to come together, as when we first arrived to the party location, there was just myself and one other person there to set up everything and finish food prep.

We rolled giant tables off the cultural hall stage, and pushed carts full of tables and chairs through the church building and out onto the grassy area we were going to use for the luncheon. I had a mini panic attack thinking there was no way things would come together in time.

(veggie sticks in a cute inflatable cooler)

Then more help trickled in, and things came together in no time. The food table looked gorgeous, the tables were just as imagined, and the root beer* and food were delicious.

(BT wearing his special wedding shirt pouring a root beer)

(table detail with buckets of peanuts, pinwheels, buckets for shells, baskets full of napkins, and little ants)

The luncheon was wonderful, as was the couple's reception later in the evening. So glad we could cherish this special couple on their special day.

*Ginger beer had a bad extract or something, so we had to ditch it.


Favorite of the day: Back to school printables (via Modern Kiddo)

Working on: Back to Reception prep


viltariet said...

How creative and inviting the luncheon table looks. It must have been lovely!
Love, Riet

telfair said...

Wow!! That looks GREAT! You did an amazing job! I LOVE that little inflatable cooler and the tables look so cute. You should go into business planning events like this...

Anonymous said...

looks great. Where did you get the buckets for the tables?

Jennifer said...

The buckets are from JoAnn. It was a larger store, and I have not seen them at my local stores which are much smaller.