Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Luncheon: Pinwheels

Looks like we made it! Heading up to the wedding location as soon as I hit "publish" on this post :)

These buckets will be in the middle of each food table at The Luncheon (to be held between the couple's ceremony and the reception) filled with peanuts as shown. The groom's mom bought the buckets and peanuts, and I added ribbon, labels, and pinwheels.

The pinwheels came together more quickly than anticipated thanks to some help from the Bluebird family. The old adage about many hands is true! Figuring out how to attach the pinwheels to dowels took some finagling (most times you see these made with straight pins stuck into pencil erasers). We used fat push pins which were good for gluing the elements onto the front. I grabbed some buttons on a whim on the way out the door to Leslie's house, but think they worked out just fine.

On the front of each bucket is the description of a geocache. You remember us going geocaching way back when, right? Well, the groom is the cousin we went with. They will have some adorable favors (idea courtesy of yours truly) to commemorate their hobby. In addition, I thought I would tell the story of how the groom geocached the ring. I'm sure the question on everybody's mind will be -- what if somebody got to the cache first?


Remaining luncheon budget: $19

Project cost (for portions I was responsible for): Pinwheels $0 (all materials on hand!) + labels $0 + ribbon $4 + Styrofoam base to hold dowels $2 = $6

Final budget: +$13!!


Favorite of the day:

Working on: Setting up a fabulous luncheon for a fabulous couple :)

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Heidi said...

So if the luncheon guests find the geocache, the favors are inside--is that right? That is SO clever!