Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Reception: Letters ~ revisited

So you recall the moss letters for The Reception

Still love these! We needed a way to hang these up (behind the food table, if you recall). I intended just to use an orange ribbon, but found this cream-colored cut-out ribbon, and hoped I could use it as well.

I ended up overlaying the orange ribbon with the cut out one, and love the result! Looks lattice-y and garden-y the look we are going for overall!


Remaining reception decorating budget: $838

Estimated project cost for ribbon for moss letters: $6

Actual cost: Ribbon $5 + sticky hooks $7 (I forgot I would need something to hang these up - also will be used for the embroidery hoops)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $826


Working on: Everything but the quilt

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