Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Reception: Dot Banner

This is the dot banner

I don't know what inspired me to make it, or how it will be used at The Reception, but it just seemed like something fun to make using the couple's wedding colors, which are burnt copper, moss green, cream, and lavender. The lavender throws folks when I tell them what the colors are, but I hope you can see how lovely they are all together like this.


Remaining reception decorating budget: $918

Estimated project cost for dot banner: $5

Actual cost: Paper $5 + twine $1 = $6 ($1 over budget - should have bought the paper with a coupon)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $912


Favorite of the day: Always so much attention to detail

Working on: Quilt


telfair said...

I love the colors - very original and they work really well together. Lovely.

Shanna said...

the colors are nice together! you're right though i was like huh? really? i made something like this using white round office stickers and invisible thread for a baby shower. i strung them from embroidery hoops at different lengths...they looked like those seashells chandeliers. sadly they got tangled in the wind and messed up on the way to the shower so they didn't get used.