Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Reception: Box for cards

No terrible drawings today - in fact just some lovely handmade paper to display

We have a local art supply store that has the most amazing selection of traditional Japanese paper. I gravitated towards the cream based print to start. Do you notice the colors of the flowers embedded in the cream colored paper? Yep - orange, moss green, and purple. Serendipity!

I have recently come into a large supply of paper mache boxes. Some are for a very lovely memory project that a friend and I need to get back to once the "party season" is over. But, most of the boxes I bought for the project came in sets (so I have left overs of the sizes I did not need), and the store I placed the order with sent extra boxes on top of that. We are literally swimming in boxes, and have no place to store them except for our bedroom. Le sigh...

Seriously - please let me know if you need any square or rectangular lidded boxes for your projects. I would be more than happy to get rid of these.

Anyway, having a few boxes to spare, it was no big deal to take one to wrap to use as a card box. May be a little small, but I will monitor the box at the reception to see if it needs to be emptied. Of course it is always nice to have a roll of tape for folks whose cards fell off their presents during transit. The cute little frames from Ikea are making the blog rounds as of late. They are plastic, but in low light, I don't think anybody will notice. For 99 cents, I couldn't help but buy a few, and anticipate they will show up elsewhere at The Reception.


Remaining reception decorating budget: $846

Estimated project cost for card box: $3 (I initially thought I would only use one sheet, but liked the two papers coordinated with each other...)

Actual cost: Paper $7 + box $0 + trim $0 + frame $1 = $8 ($5 over budget)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $838


Favorite of the day: I've got nothin'

Working on: Moss letter ribbon detail

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Melissa Hope said...

I will take one of your boxes. I'll pay for shipping. Contact me!
mhsgemini37 at gmail dot com.