Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Reception: Besame Mucho

It is August, and I officially missed my deadline to do a work basket project for July. I am so mad at myself! I will try to do two projects this month, but with the party prep and the fact that I have left the more difficult projects until the latter part of the year (doh!), there are no promises.

Continuing with what I enjoy - preparing for the parties! Since The Reception has a whimsical theme, one thing that seemed appropriate to have was bubbles. The bubbles can be used as a favor, or when the couple enters or exits the reception.

I initially budgeted $40 for the actual bubbles (200 bottles). This would mean each bottle would be 20 cents each. This year at the 99 Cents Only store, they had packs of 9 bubbles for ~$1 (99 cents store has raised their prices to 99.9 cents - lame!) Therefore, the bubbles only ended up being 11 cents each. I ended up getting more bottles, too - 252 total. It has been helpful for me to have the web prices on hand when I go shopping to compare with store prices.

Wish I could have found a thrifted basket, but I could not find a plain enough white one, so ended up buying this one at Cost Plus. I had the embroidery hoop, thread, and ribbon on hand. I also made the labels, which were cut out with a circle punch. I joined the couple's names with an ampersand (thinking this element will come into play a few times).

I saw a cross stitch sign on a wedding blog recently. I can't find the link to save the life of me, but I *think* it said something like Thanks for coming. Very cute, but since this would be a great keepsake for the couple to remember their special day, I wanted to use a sentiment that seemed like something they could put on the wall of their home if they so chose. Thinking of blowing bubbles at them would be like blowing kisses, I geared my thoughts that way. As the groom did a Spanish speaking Mission, I decided to go with Besame mucho, or Kiss me a lot. Which is, of course, also a snazzy song.


Remaining reception decorating budget: $954

Estimated project cost for bubbles + basket: $50

Actual cost: Bubbles $26 + basket $10 + embroidery hoop project $0 + labels $0 = $36 ($14 saved!)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $918


Favorite of the day: Nothing new to report

Working on: Quilt (yn)

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