Monday, August 09, 2010

The Luncheon & The Reception: "Etched" root beer mugs

As noted, my high hopes for finding picture frames that could be used for multiple events fell through. One item that is, however, recurring at both The Luncheon and The Reception is...root beer!

Have I even mentioned that BT recently got into brewing beer? He bought all the equipment (all the equipment - this hobby has already gone way beyond just buying the little starter kit that chain stores sell around Christmas. Fortunately - or not - he has a local store to fuel his passion). Brewing root beer is a much easier process than brewing beer. You can even make a version in a new trash can using dry ice, which BT has fond memories of from church events growing up.

(I only had letter stickers - no stencil - so did a block of "frosting" around the letters)

The luncheon will probably have a low tech brew, but the reception couple has already ok'd a full keg to dispense their brew. I have asked on multiple occasions to make sure this idea is kosher with them, as I would not want them to have regrets later in life that they had a kegerator at their wedding. They indicated that this is one of the elements of The Reception they are most excited about, so we are continuing with the plan for now. To that end, I made etched Mr. and Mrs. root beer glasses to use at both events (pending final approval).

(Should have put something behind the glasses so you could see them better!)

It took awhile to find cheap, plain beer mugs, but finally found two (really heavy duty ones!) at Dollar Tree. Etching cream, it turns out, is very expensive and hard to find. I took a tip from Ms. Evie and used frosted spray paint instead. The painted area will not come in contact with the drinker's lips, and this is a one two time use thing anyway.


Remaining reception decorating budget: $912

Estimated project cost for root beer mugs: $5 (I figured etching cream was some cheapy bottled thing you bought at Michaels)

Actual cost: Mugs $2 + spray paint $4 = $6 ($1 over budget)

Remaining reception decorating budget: $906 (as part of this project, we also need to make the actual root beer, buy cups, provide cocktail napkins, and decide if the kegerator needs any decoration)


Favorite of the day: Awesome prize if you are the winner! (via ljcfyi)

Working on: Embroidery hoop wall (re-do)

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