Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Luncheon: Cake knife and server

In planning for these events, I did not realize chemistry would be involved...!

Both couples getting married next month will be borrowing our cake knife and server. We offered the set to the couple for whom we are planning The Reception from the start. In speaking to the other bride (for whom The Luncheon is being planned), she mentioned that she had tried to order a cake knife and server for their own reception, but the website she ordered from could not complete the order. I have just the one you can use, I said.

I had allotted some money to buy silver polish, as I figured that's what you need to clean silver -- right? Turns out all you need is science!

(Line sink with aluminum foil -- Add baking soda and salt -- put your silver pieces in to soak)

I used these directions and the pieces came out all shiny and new looking! I wish I had more silver to dunk :) I added a ribbon detail to personalize the pieces, and will do the same for the other couple using their wedding colors.


Remaining luncheon decorating budget: $100

Estimated project cost to clean cake knife and server: $5

Actual project cost: Silver dip $0 + ribbon $0 = $0

Remaining luncheon decorating budget: $100


"It's a small world" favorite of the day: So we're probably going to have a trash truck themed party for Hank's 2nd b-day. I remembered I had saved a trash can themed party as a favorite recently. I looked at it again, and saw something I hadn't noticed before -- the big purple recycling bins that are (I think) unique to the LBC. Looking through the pictures, I noticed one of Hank's little friends from his music class!

Working on: Photo booth planning

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