Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Baby Shower: Quilt

So happy to finish this project!

I have struggled for years about quilting. I have done a few pieced tops, but beyond that point, the idea of quilting and binding made me break out in a cold sweat, so I usually avoided those techniques.

This time I was convinced to do a true quilt. Nothing fancy on the quilting side -- I believe this is called outline quilting. The appliques are raw-edged, but sealed with fray check. This was added after the appliques were sewn to the fabric - something I never do (I usually apply the fray check around the cut pieces and let dry). This was a BIG mistake, as the maroon color bled onto the lighter pieces. This could have been a deal breaker, but fortunately with a couple washes it *mostly* came out.

(Slightly pink around the edges Scotty dog)

You may be wondering about my inspiration for the quilt. I would like to claim I am clever enough to come up with something so cute on my own, but in reality this was my inspiration

a gift bag from the Target dollar section! After finding out the baby we were celebrating as part of The Baby Shower was a boy, I had to change the color scheme. Fortunately I found a pack of fat quarters at Hobby Lobby (the patterned squares) that provided direction about the colors to use. I had most of the fabrics for the appliques on hand.

I added embroidery to a couple squares, and the deer's flower is made from felt. The elephant print was a Japanese print from my stash - always so hard to cut into those! I found a nice flannel print to use for the backing

As far as first quilts go, I would give myself a solid C. Definitely could have spent more time cutting the main squares more accurately. The fray check disaster docked major points. My homemade binding came out really well, though I think I used the wrong stitch to attach it. Many lessons learned for next time, and hopefully some confidence to try this craft again!


Not included in baby shower budget


Favorite of the day: This season's Design Star's first show!

Working on: Luncheon decor


Coleen said...

Absolutely adorable! Love it.

Jenn said...

I give you an A for Adorable :) too cute!

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, I would have told you it's adorable, but it seems I am not alone. :-)

I am sure it will be loved, fray check disaster or not.

Rebecca said...

A C?? Come on, it's much much better then THAT grade. I love it! I'm leary of quilting as well but I may have to give it a go. Excellent job!

mascanlon said...

Its adorable...certainly not a "C"! And you actually don't need to use fray check, it gets a lovely little fringe and babies love how cuddly it is. It even has a fancy name now...called raw edge applique!

Rebecca said...

Hello again! I know I posted on this way back when but I want to make a quilt for my sister's new baby and this inspires me! Wondering how you sewed on the binding and if I should add fray check before like you suggested or try a different way to applique? I'm a newbie to this lol.