Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Baby Shower: Games & Prizes

The last baby shower most of my male co-workers attended was my own. It was also, for many of them, their first.

In designing games for The Baby Shower, it was important to not go too crazy or do something too embarrassing or else people will not participate (there was a contest to drink a beverage of choice out of a baby bottle at my work baby shower. The game was announced, and everybody just went back to their conversations, I guess in hopes that idea would just go away).

I chose two written quizzes for this baby animal themed shower - one to guess the names of the offspring of different animals and the other to match the number of days gestation to the right animal. Both seem fairly harmless and gender neutral.

Prizes are also always a problem with our mixed gender group. Food (which I went with) is easy, but not too exciting. It should be noted, however, that the mama-to-be craved root beer throughout her pregnancy, so this gift seemed apropos as a shower prize.

I don't think a prize from any game played over the years has been received well by my co-workers. They whine about not winning the games, and then complain about the prizes when they do win. A positive attitude generates positive returns, I say. Of course, I was the one who scored a free trip to Disneyland as part of a white elephant gift exchange :)


Remaining baby shower budget: $22

Estimated project cost for games and prizes: $10

Actual cost: Prizes $11

Remaining baby shower budget: $11


Favorite of the day: Nada mucho

Working on: Advice book


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