Monday, August 23, 2010

The Baby Shower: Favors

Crunch time!

Just one more project for The Baby Shower itself - cupcakes, that I will make tomorrow - so I should be kicking back. But you see -- there is this quilt I have been torturing myself with. It doesn't have to be done in time for the shower - I know this - but I sure want it to be...

Anyway, favors were easy. I found these cute as can be packs of MS labels at Big Lots. At Michaels, I find a lot of items still in these types of bags, which presumably the employees are supposed to break apart prior to putting on the rack. I am honest, and go ahead and separate the contents, instead of chancing that the cashier will not notice and ring me up for only one item.

But, by the time they get to Big Lots, somebody should have figured out there was more than one item in the little baggie if they wanted them sold separately, so no remorse. The paper is also from the MS craft line, but found at Marshalls. We have a brand spanking new store up the street, and it is so clean and organized - shopping nirvana! Actually, within the last 30 days, a new Ross and TJ Maxx opened in our neighborhood as well. I feel it is good karma for all the time I spent in janky ass discount stores throughout southern California - including the one in West LA off the 405 where people get shot at from time to time.

But I digress...

I used small white square boxes, and lined the inside with Martha's pretty paper. I put little bundles of animal cookies in the boxes and tied them with a light green satin bow. I stamped "Thanks" on the elephant labels from the *big lot* of labels from Big Lots and put the labels on the front of the boxes. So happy with how they turned out! Cute, and I did not need to put my life in danger to make them - always a good thing!


Remaining baby shower budget: $6

Estimated project cost for favors: No estimate - did not know what I would be making

Actual project cost: Boxes $3.60 + Cookies $3 + labels $1 + bags $0 on hand + paper $0 on hand + ribbon $0 on hand = $6.60 (uh-oh - over budget)

Remaining baby shower budget: -$.60


Favorite of the day: No time to look for favorites!

Working on: Really? You're asking me that?

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