Friday, August 06, 2010

The Baby Shower: Decor & Servingware

We haven't seen much from The Baby Shower, have we? This is the first event on the calendar (this month!), so I'd better get hopping. This constitutes the decor for the shower

Blue thrifted tablecloths, some thrifted stuffed animals (I know - eww - but they've been washed and they are just for decor), the Animal Parade dessert plates and garland with some fabulous blue cross-hatch rimmed plates and napkins that coordinated well with that design, and framed pictures of mama animals and their babies

Initially I wanted to use the same frames for The Baby Shower and The Reception to save $. But then I found these cute yellow frames at Target and knew I would have to get separate frames for each event. Perhaps the mama-to-be can find a place for these in baby's room? The shapes were all cut freehand, so that's why mama giraffe's knees are a little low...

And here is Hank's photo-blogging debut

He posed the giraffe and held up the camera (upside down, initially) to take the picture - complete with saying "cheese" to his subject.


Baby Shower budget: $75

Estimated project cost for decor and servingware: $50

Actual cost: 2 Tablecloths $8 + stuffed animals $3 + plates, napkins $9 + specialty plates, banner $17 (inc shipping) + frames $16 + paper $0 = $53 ($3 over budget)

Remaining baby shower budget: $22


Favorite of the day: An old favorite - one I never thought I'd have the opportunity to execute. Oh, yeah, baby - we're doing it :)

Working on: Embroidery hoop wall

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telfair said...

very cute and Lily loved Hank's giraffe picture (she looked at it and said "gaffe"! which is Lilyspeak for "giraffe.") :)