Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Reception: E (&) J

First project for The Reception finished! It's not the framed project I mentioned previously, as I chickened out doing the spray adhesive needed to attach several elements on my own - will have to wait until BT can help me with that one.

From this point forward, I will try to be better about doing "before," "during," and "after" shots of these projects. Some of my fave blogs follow this formula, and have much more well-rounded posts than the - ta-da! - here is something fabulous that appeared out of no where kind of post.

But, in this case, I was so super excited to get started that I practically ripped apart the box shipped from JoAnn with my 24" paper mache letters. Also on hand from JoAnn was a fabulous newish moss product the comes in sheets mounted on mesh. I was worried how I was going to glue clumps of moss on the letters without it looking bumpy, but this stuff saved the day.

(These things are HUGE!)

I basically followed this tutorial. I used three bags of the mesh-backed moss to cover the fronts and sides of these two large letters (fortunately I bought the moss when it was 30% off!) I did this craft a la Michael Jackson, and wore a dollar store gardening glove on my moss pressing hand to minimize glue gun burns (not to say I eliminated them completely, like when I used my un-gloved hand by mistake to press the moss, or grabbed the glue gun at the tip, and other stupidity). Me wearing my moss covered glove would have made a good "during" shot. BTW, the moss package says you should wear gloves if you are intending to handle it for extended periods of time. Questions: 1) How long is "extended?" 2) What horrible malady is inflicted on those who handle moss too long?

To stand out from the moss covered paper mache letter crowd, I pressed a few pearl headed corsage pins into my letters. They will be hung from mid-wall or so on satin ribbons (still need to finalize colors with the bride-to-be, or else I would have added the ribbon as well. Ribbon buying is a project onto itself, as there will be A LOT of it), and they will be be in the opposite order - E, J - with a wooden ampersand (painting the ampersand is a project for another day) in between. J can't stand up on his own, otherwise I would have shown the letters in their intended order.


Reception decorating budget: $1,000

Estimated project cost for moss letters: $40 (estimate did not include ribbon)

Actual cost: Letters (inc shipping) $23 + Moss (3 bags - 30% off) $18 + pins (on hand) $0 + glue sticks $5 = $46

Remaining: $954

(bad to start out with a project I went over on - most everything else I have bought has been way less than I was expecting it to be!)


Favorite of the day: I saw a beautiful 1st birthday party, but, with all the details, I suspect the cost was sky high, so I am not sure if I am impressed or horrified.

Working on: Kiss kiss

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