Monday, July 12, 2010

The Reception: Detailed

I thought I would give a little background on the events I am working on.

The Reception will be on September 22. It is for BT's cousin who lived with his family and is practically like a sister. I don't want to go into detail about why we are being so generous with our offer to help decorate her wedding reception site, but let's just say if you knew this gal you would offer to do the same. As mentioned, though $1,000 seems high, I knew I could get things for cheaper than I found through a generic search for certain items, and figured that we could borrow some things. I am fairly confident I won't go over budget, unless we do more projects than those listed here.

We will be providing:

- An entrance sign
- Entrance decor
- An "alternate" guest book
- Box for cards on gift table
- A back drop for pictures, receiving line, etc.
- Decor: fabric for dropped ceiling, lights, 'chandeliers", Moss covered letters to hang behind food table (
check!), food table decor
- Chargers, votive holders and flameless candles
- Napkins
- Bubbles
- Dr. Pepper and root beer on tap

I will be consulting on (and helping assemble) center pieces and favors, but hoping somebody else is the lead on these components.

Originally the couple was planning to send out 500 invites (even if the invites were "+1" it would be a lot of people, but this is the Mormon crowd, so figure at least 4 people per invite!!) I heard that the list has been cut back to some degree, thankfully. Still, assuming there will be a sizable crowd attending this event, even something simple like napkins ends up being a significant expense.

The theme and colors are still being finalized, but it appears we are going with a whimsical theme. I have my preference for colors, but don't want to be too pushy. I mean, it's not like I am trying to create the fantasy reception I would have liked to have if I had been more creative back in 2002 and/or the internet was a rockin' back then as it is now. No -- I wouldn't do that.

(As a sidenote, I was called for my one and only official poll - i.e. the kinds quoted on news reports and the like - in 2001 while I was in grad school. The poll was mainly to determine how you used the internet. Of course, school research was my major use. I had hardly any email contacts - still had to use the dreaded telephone. When we got to the shopping section of the poll, I had not bought one single thing online at that point save a magazine subscription. What a difference a few years makes...)
So that's the info on the Reception. Baby Shower and Luncheon deets coming up next!

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