Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Luncheon: Gift

Ice cream makers are such a sweet gift for newlyweds. They are usually one of the more popular shower gifts in BT's family, but I snagged this one this time to give to the happy couple.

I also included a basket with toppings, cones, and a scoop. This is the couple with red and black for colors, but I couldn't resist going neopolitan after finding some cute pink and brown ice cream making supplies from the Kmart brand Back to Basics and cute pink and brown gift wrap.


(Not included in The Luncheon budget)


Favorite of the day: It is without question that I have weddings-on-the-brain this month thanks to the events I am helping out with. Finding something as wonderful as this makes me wish I could go back and time and do our ceremony over again (not change the WHO, just the HOW).

Working on: Better be a work basket project

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