Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Baby Shower: Gift

The best part of planning these events is the shopping. I'm not ashamed to admit that it's a blast to travel around to favorite stores and browse internet sites with a purpose.

Although it has been fun, I am trying to wrap up the shopping portion of things so I can focus on the projects (particularly the big ones I am putting off. Like a q-u-i-l-t.) So, I decided to get the gifts for the three events out of the way as well.

(A sneaky hand is lurking off to the left)

This gift basket (from our office - not included in The Baby Shower budget) contains all the items needed for a well-stocked diaper bag. The mother-to-be already has the actual diaper bag, but I decided to buy all the items she will need to fill it. The toys, book, and one of the blankets were left overs from Hank's shower. I purposely saved them for an eventual jungle themed shower re-gift (luckily my co-worker is an earth muffin like me, and is grateful for reused or re-purposed items). The basket is layered with disposable diapers, but the couple is planning on using cloth. A few of the items are off her registry, plus other things needed to fulfill the list.

Speaking of the list, I laminated a copy of it with places to check off either items she has or those she needs to replenish. I also wrote out the recommended index cards to keep in the bag with contact info in case the bag is lost and important contact information.


(Not included in baby shower budget)


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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.. How fun :) I have a box of of baby shower items and have no idea when I will be using it. I am so tempted to get rid of it in order to save space but then again I am hoping to actually be able to use the stuff with some creativity that I wouldn't have otherwise had.

You always make the cutest things and package everything so wonderfully :)

Great job and so adorable too. I would have loved the list when Maddie was little. It would have been so helpful because her Momma was always forgetful :)

Jenn - Ferfer

SpAzzGiRL said...

Love the idea of the list... ingenious!