Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Baby Shower: Detailed

Do you have one too? The co-worker or friend that is just so kind and helpful that everybody wants to spoil her when the occasion presents itself. That is Danielle, and she is expecting a baby boy in October. Lucky girl will be taking care of our employee benefit to stay home for an entire year with her baby (unpaid, but if you telecommute a couple days per month you can maintain your benefits).

Everybody agreed that Danielle's shower had to be extra special. We are having it at the Orange County Zoo, as Danielle loves animals. I am using the Animal Parade set for inspiration for a theme. Other elements I am taking care of:

- Table decor (including tablecloths, framed paper cut outs of mama animals and their babies, and the Animal Parade banner)
- A special chair for the mama-to-be so she doesn't have to wedge her pregnant belly into a picnic table
- Plates, napkins, utensils
- Favors
- Cupcakes (it is a potluck, so everybody is bringing food)
- Games + prizes
- An advice book

For these items I am hoping to spend under $75. I'll also be buying and assembling a group gift from the office, and I am making her a quilt from me. I am sooo super excited about this quilt, but of course scared as heck to start it. I have quiltaphobia.

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mascanlon said...

There are so amazing fabrics out there! And some fabulous blogs with lots of tutorials!