Saturday, June 26, 2010

Only a week late

Sorry for being such a lame blogger this month. In part I can blame some party planning activities, but mostly it is because I am lazy with a capital L as of late.

So Father's Day. To emphasize how important it was for me to make this day extra special, I have to take you back to last year's Father's Day -- BT's first. I wanted to make sure that day was extra special, too, but everything went horribly awry. I bought us rather pricey tickets for the Angels game, and we also planned to go leave flowers for BT's dad at the cemetery.

On the way to the cemetery, I got sick (BT had the stomach flu earlier that week). I puked on the way, but said I felt much better, and to keep with our plans. BUT, I made the horrible mistake of drinking a Sprite to "calm my stomach" (I am finding that Hank inherited his mother's illogical response to the stomach bug in that we both feel the need to drink a lot, and in doing so make things so much worse).

At the cemetery, all hell broke loose. I'll spare you the details, and rest assured that I moved away from my father-in-law's grave, but I felt like my insides had turned to liquid. So, no baseball game, and BT had to take care of a sick wife on his first Father's Day.

Flash forward to this year. I *had* to do things right this time around. We had breakfast in bed on a decorated tray :: Handprint adorned cards from his little buddy :: Lego Darth Vader cuff links :: A visit to the cemetery that did not involve a puking wife :: Lunch and many beers at The Yard House :: A car show :: Relaxation :: Pictures with his favorite gremmie :: Mexican food.

Oh, and a bag of alternate things to chew on rather than his horrible, nasty dip, because Hank and I want our dada to be around for many years to come - preferably with both halves of his jaw intact.


Recent favorite: I have a store bought version of this, but would love to make a huge one we can spread out on.

Working on: Work basket project


Jenn said...

Sounds like a much better day than last year! Hank is getting so big :)

*love* the Vader cuff links!

And that blanket would be perfect for the beach!

Jaybird and Me said...

Hi, I'm Emily. Found you through Very Mary.

So, did the "alternate things to chew on" work? I want to remain loving and supportive but got borderline passive aggressive this week when I picked up a pamphlet from ACS on dipping and taped it to the inside of the cupboard he opens every morning to make coffee. Ok, so that IS passive aggressive, not borderline. I have bought gum and the jerky that comes in the plastic cans and every other thing I can think of.

I know I need to "let go" but it's hard for the reasons you listed.

I'm answering my own questions here of course, so I guess I should just say "I can relate." :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, Emily. We're in this together, sista. There does not appear to be an end in sight...let me know if you have any better luck.