Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Just a couple inexpensive tokens of our appreciation for our teachers this week -

Using an idea from Skip to My Lou, we gave a bowl full of Milky Way candy bars with a sign that says we think our teachers are out of this world.

Today we brought Gerbera daisies with a thank you tag attached. Hank was very excited to present each teacher and aide with a flower, and then he would sorta lean in as if he was giving them permission to hug him. Very cute.

We also brought bagels and cream cheese for a breakfast being hosted for the teachers tomorrow.

I never thought I would like Hank's school as much as I do. It seems kind of generic and institutional from the outside, but fortunately is staffed with some really great people. Almost all the teachers and toddlers that are there now are the same folks as when Hank started. He seems to be learning a lot there -new words, and even gymnastics. We really do appreciate our teachers, and all the men and women out there who are called to teach.


Favorite of the day: Picnic club - check, but only if it looks half as nice as this.

Working on: Last minute gifts! Heck - last minute everything!

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sweet little sister said...

Giving them permission to hug him!!! I adore that precious boy <3 I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip :)