Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Musings

Sorry for being MIA as of late. I am working on a swap package due Monday, and I also found out I am a hostess for a House Party to host a canning party - yeah! - so I have been busy planning for that.

It seems the internets are brimming with wonderfulness as of late. Here are a few things I am digging

~ Mini root beer float cupcakes (via edible crafts)

~ I would never have the patience or inclination to make the cake, but the Ewok cupcakes surrounding it are a-dorable (via Neatorama)

~ French breakfast puffs (via Shelterrific)

~ My new blogging idol. I had a lot of the same ideas saved as "favorites," but now have those times ten. And 13 ounces or less gifts to send in the mail? I think we may be blogging soul mates.

Take care, dear friends.

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Very Mary said...

I've missed you and I also love your blogging idol. Bookmarked!