Saturday, May 01, 2010

Peace offering

Our core group of friends consists of six couples + one bachelor. Most of the guys know each other from high school, and the women infiltrated the guy club one by one. *Fortunately* we all get along fabulously, and I am sure we would all be friends even if we had met under different circumstances.

Meeting new couples as a couple, as I'm sure you can relate, is a little more challenging. Typically one of us makes initial contact with one person, and then hope our spouse gets along with their spouse. We have had a few successes over the years, but more often than not, the uncomfortable party ends up backing out of couple activities that are planned.

BT has befriended one such couple. They seem nice, and have a common interest with BT (nerd games). I do not share this interest. Making small talk to find common interests we may share is not my strong point, and thus the friendship from my end has not progressed. BT has to nurture and cultivate this friendship on his own.

This couple has a slightly different view on social activities than our main circle of friends. Where the very hint of hosting a co-ed baby shower for one of our friends was shot down with a collective Hell No and indignation from the menfolk that the idea even crossed our minds, BT's new friends don't even question that men and women should both attend an event of this type.

The couple is having a baby. I was told the date of the shower, that the couple does not know if it is a boy or a girl, where they are registered, and other details my husband is usually not so good about remembering for events where I am more involved in the preparations (maybe it's good for him to be on his own from time to time). I decided to make them a little blanket, using fabrics I had on hand. I used one of the flowers shown in the busy print at the bottom of the blanket as inspiration for the appliqué. I also made a matching block using the fabrics from the blanket.

It's a little iffy to give somebody you don't know very well a handmade gift, but I feel pretty good about this one! Maybe it will help our friendship grow.


Favorite of the day: Maggie Grace raffle starts Monday!

Shopping update: So, yeah. I forgot today was the 1st - my usual Target run day. We were completely out of paper towels, and on the last quarter roll of t.p. Pretty much stuck with the basics, plus a couple of tops for an upcoming trip. And then...I *needed* to go to Kohl's to find pants to go with the tops. I'm a failure...{sob}

Working on: Gifts galore for next week!


Very Mary said...

Ah, the couple friends dilemma. Mr. and Mrs. Very have zilcho couple friends. We've tried and tried, but we suck at it.

sweet little sister said...

The gift is quite perfect!! You are always so thoughtful. I would underline & highlight that statement if iPhone would allow. If they don't appreciate it, they don't deserve you! I got a handmade quilt early on in my pregnancy, when I didn't know my baby's gender yet. It was primary colors & in nostalgic prints. Loved it. It was too precious to use (as a baby blanket) so we hung it above his crib (a very safe nursery wall art item <3 ) & added the letters of his name, cut out of some old blue jeans. Although he outgrew the nursery, we have kept the quilt as all the other ones went their way. Like I said- fabulous gift FeltMouse!