Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hope you aren't distracted from the loveliness of this package by the backwards "D"

As some of my long-time readers will recall, I used to participate in a number of swaps.

At some point I realized the swaps were quite expensive (I'm pretty sure some of my boxes, including international shipping, were close to $100), and kind of cooled off on them. But, like most things, it seems with time you forget the bad aspects, and get a hankering to experience the fun all over again. When Rebecca posted news of the Vintage Cowgirl swap, I started going over all the things I already had on hand that would fit with a swap of this theme. I figured I could do a decent package without much shopping, and I think I was right!

*Fortunately* in sharing info about each other, my partner, Elaine, noted that she enjoys cooking as one of her hobbies. The focus of my imagined package was kind of a pioneer cowgirl theme, so that worked out perfectly!

I started with a vintage Ovenex loaf pan we found in cleaning out BT's parents' garage, which I presume belonged to BT's grandma. We found a few of these pans, and I had spray painted them white with the intention of screwing them into the wall and using them as shadow boxes (a la Heidi). I used one as a gift basket of sorts for Elaine's gift. I also included a thrifted chicken scratch apron I bought a few years ago.

(The handmade elements)

The next "on hand" element was the embroidery piece used to make a hot pad. I started this piece when I was participating in Hot Mitt Monthly. I think this was for a month with a western theme. I had finished the girl, but none of the background aspects (fortunately I had saved my drawing, as the marker pen had long faded). I had the denim and cute red bandana fabric on hand - just enough to make a hot pad.

As part of the swap, we needed to use a vintage cowgirl image. I was fortunate to find an image of a one hot "cookie" ringing a dinner bell. I made a little folio for some recipe cards I made using some western themed paper I had on hand, and tied it closed with suede cord. I filled in the recipe cards after taking this shot with recipes like cowgirl cookies, BBQ baked beans, etc.

I framed another cowgirl image using a mini tart pan. I mod-podged the image and added a little glitter and a ribbon loop for hanging.

Kind of last minute I decided to make a button bouquet to place in a silver pitcher I think I had on hand from the western Christmas tree.

Also shown in the handmade image is a "cowgirl brooch" I made (also last minute) using a thrifted handkerchief and a horse patch I've had for some time.

Really the only things I had to buy were a few food items from Cost Plus, including old time candy, Cholula hot sauce, and some chipotle flavored sauce. I sewed a little bag to hold the dry ingredients to make corn bread. The gift tag was from Mary Ann, so I could not do a redo to fix my mistake of the backwards stamped D - doh!

Elaine has a little grandson that lives with her, so I made a little bag for him with gold mine candy, a small wooden top to paint, and a deputy star (also from the western tree).

All told, I think I spent about $10 (in the current sense) to complete this package. I was very proud of myself, and happy with how it turned out! Hope Elaine enjoys it was well. Yee-haw!


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Working on: Canning party prep. Oh yeah - still have to do a work basket project, too!


Coleen said...

Cute, as always! You are one of the best swap partners! :)

Rebecca said...

You always put together the best swaps! And Elaine is a dear and if I know here, she LOVED this package and probably got teary that you included something for her grandson. :)