Friday, May 14, 2010

8 gifts for $6

We're home! Back to the land of toilet seat covers. Mid-westerners must all perfect the art of hovering, since none of the public restrooms I have used in the tri-state area have 'em. But this California girl appreciates having the little paper cover between her and the toilet seat.

The trip was --- good. There were a few toddler troubles, and the weather was god-awful, but I am trying to focus on all the good times with family as I file away the memories from this trip.

We were fortunate to be in town for several events, including two birthdays, an anniversary party, and Mother's Day. Of course I also needed a few thank you gifts for aunts who hosted us and lent us baby gear. As mentioned previously, I tried to be prepared by bringing gifts from home versus buying stuff there.

First up, a birthday for a three year old

I pulled a few items from the gift bin, including a set of "monster hands," a finger puppet monster, and some bubbles. I fortunately had an extra fishcakes sticker on hand to adorn a plain gift bag to tie everything together.

Next, we had a 40th anniversary party. My aunt and uncle are very family oriented, so I decided to make a family tree

The background paper was a random Michaels buy, and the inspiration for the tree shape and apples was from a set of paper I purchased years ago from the Target dollar section. I was able to cut out the apples from one of the sheets from this set to adorn the tree

(My aunt and uncle's names are on the truck of the tree. Red apples are for their kids and their spouses, and yellow apples are for the grandkids). It was mounted on a piece of paper board, and the card said I would let them decide on a frame (tee hee).

Sunday was Mother's Day, of course. My mom had also flown in for this trip, but warned me she didn't have an ounce to spare to take anything home. I hope this ended up making it back with her

It is a travel jewelry pouch made using Thimble's pattern. I need one of these, too!

I also made a little gift basket for my grandma using a cute recycled jar I filled with honey (risky to take something so messy on the plane, but I triple wrapped it in case of explosion), tea bags with altered tags, and a cute hand-painted dish towel.

We had dinner with a couple of my aunts on Mother's Day, so I made up some little favors for all of us. I brought the tulle circles, twine, and butterflies (which were left over from a bridal shower I co-hosted), and just needed to buy candy in Iowa. The candy cost $6, and this was the only item I purchased for all the gifts described here!

It was also my grandma's birthday this week. I gave her a glass wind chime (also risky to travel with) similar to the one I made for Rebecca, with a stamped image on the paper "chime." I guess I forgot to take a pic of that one...

I needed a couple of thank you gifts. For my aunt who hosted us, I made three loop loom pot holders

I am almost out of my brightly colored jersey loops - hope I can find some more!

For my aunt who loaned us a car seat for the week, I gave a little candle and a heartfelt thank you card.

I brought a pack of thank you cards in case other things came up that required a note of thanks. I got a little distracted from properly thanking everybody for their hospitality and generosity, due to said toddler troubles. But, hopefully everybody knows how much we enjoyed our visit.


Recent favorite: Speaking of favors -- may do something along these lines for Christmas this year.

Working on: A swap package. I know - can you believe it?

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Melanie said...

Great gifts!! I love the loop loom potholders. Oh god, do I have such fond memories of making those when I was a kid. I think I made dozens for every family member. I hadn't thought of them in a long time. Thanks for reminding me! :)