Monday, May 31, 2010

From the Work Basket: May

Sewing clothing is not my forte

Although I took two semesters' worth of sewing classes in high school (just sewing - these weren't home ec. classes. I'm thinking if I went back to my alma mater those classes would no longer exist...), I didn't learn much about apparel sewing. Usually I would get too caught up in "real" school work, and finished sewing assignments using less than honest means (i.e. my mom's employees). I wasn't going to risk a grade less than an A in an elective, and I guess dishonesty runs in the family.

I really should sit down and learn how to do things right, but in the end I just want to get things done. So long as the clothing pieces are functional, I am satisfied. First lesson, should I choose to slow down and make it right, would be to learn how to insert a zipper. The one used in this project is neither hidden nor flat.

The fabric was thrifted years ago, and was obviously used for curtains. I was pleased in picking up this project again that I had to take it in by 2 inches. Pattern is Simplicity 4233. Charm bracelet from Inspireco.

(I can't believe there are three more apparel projects on the work basket list - help me!)

Remaining work basket projects (in no particular order:

- Quilt for my mom
- Sandwich wrap
- Carpet bag
- Tunic
- Hooded towel repair
- Vest for Hank
- Men's shirt refashion

Completed projects:

January: Baby pants
February: Baby quilt (using BT's baby blanket)


Recent favorite: I'm on The Storque!

Working on: Curtains. Lots and lots of curtains (sneak peek above)


Emy said...

Invisible zippers suck. They get stuck. They are a pain in the ass to sew in. I hate them. I prefer elastic and drawstrings anyways! :)
By the way, I love Hank's hair. It looks soft to rub! :)

Mom2fur said...

I've been sewing for 40 years and still make mistakes. That's what wearing a long shirt that hides the zipper is for, LOL!
One thing I would highly suggest next time, if you didn't do it, is to baste the zipper in first, by hand. Just be sure to use a different colored thread or you'll never find it to pull it out. Then you don't have to use pins to hold the zipper in place, which almost guarantees it will move and get all wonky. said...


That said, you look dang cute in that skirt, fiddly zipper or no!

Very Mary said...

I'm so behind on my reading and adoring you! Yesterday I finished a monogrammed & quilted changing pad for a friend's baby made from vintage sheets - that was supposed to be for May. Today I decided to work on a quilt that I started in, uhm, November.