Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thanks sew much!

Those of you who *know* Mary Ann (in the blogging sense) know how generous she is. This girl doesn't miss a holiday or birthday, plus she sends out various goodies to her blog friends throughout the year just because.

She was my inspiration for the month of giving, so I needed to say "thank you" in a big way to this super person. I found a smoking deal on a fully loaded vintage sewing basket on Ebay. I have never seen so many iconic classic sewing-related items in one lot and in such good shape.

Two that stood out even just viewing the listing were the needle card

which basically had all its needles

and this card of snaps was unused!

The pinking shears were still in their beautiful canary yellow trimmed box.

The sewing patterns were a thrift store purchase from my stash, and, despite the ugly grease pencil marks, I thought Mary Ann could use them in her collage work.

There were plenty of buttons in the basket. Some were put in a bunny

and these yummy butterscotch looking ones were made into a stretchy bracelet

Despite the good condition of most of the items, there was a ratty old measuring tape in the basket. Rather than throw it away, I made it into a stylish brooch

Quite a few zippers were in the basket, obviously salvaged from other clothing items. I wrapped them around a Styrofoam ball similar to the fabric wrapped one I made for Christmas to use as a decorative element in her craft room

I also took a few coordinating prints from the box of scraps Mary Ann sent recently and made a pin cushion

topped with more vintage buttons and button topped pins.

Also included in the basket was thread on wooden spools (from the auction), a stationery set inspired by vintage patterns, and a chocolate Owl from Walmart.

The basket was wrapped in another piece of fabric from Mary Ann's box of scraps.

As mentioned, in giving this gift, I wanted to say thank you in a big way. I had a few false starts with things that didn't feel quite right for the recipient. This ended up being one of my favorite gifts that I have ever put together! Thank you so much, friend, for everything.

Remember to check out Mary Ann's project to assist a blogger in need.


Favorite of the day: Definitely in the top 10 coolest stores of all time.

Working on: Craft room organization


Heidi said...

That is one cool gift! I LOVE the measuring tape brooch and the button bracelet!!

Rebecca said...

Lovely!! You and Mary Ann are both such giving people. Does that basket have flowers on the top? I think I have one, too! It's great and she will love it (of course.)

LOVE the brooch! Did you just gather it and stitch? I have a few ratty old measuring tapes around. You know I don't get rid of anything, lol. I'm looking for trash to treasure ideas to share on my new Examiner budget crafting page if you feel like sharing. But feel it necessary to reveal the secrets lol.

Very Mary said...

And it is - hands down - one of the best gifts I have ever ever ever received! Would you believe that I can't bring myself to take it out of the box? I take it out, look at it all, put it all back together. Silly, I know, but what a treasure from such an amazing friend!