Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seriously - what's with the aprons?

I had not made an apron in months, if not years, and here I have posted about four aprons (including today's) in the last several weeks.

This gift needed something of the handmade variety to tie it all together, and in the end an apron fit the bill. I have had the blue and green utensils for a couple of years now (purchased from Dollar Tree). They were held onto as a possible kidlet gift, but took up a considerable amount of space in the bin where my gift items are stored. They had to go 'cause I need more space!

This gift is for a one-year-old, so a little young to think about cooking. But, it's not too long after that, I've found, that they start wanting to hang around in the kitchen and "help" in any way possible (turns out Hank has a penchant for scrubbing the kitchen floor with a dishrag - score!)

The only fabric I had on hand that was boyish and matched the color palette is a favorite Painting Red Rhinos airplane print I've had just about forever. I cringed a little cutting into it, but know the apron is going to a family that will appreciate it.

The apron style is loosely built on the pattern by Sew Liberated. I didn't even read the pattern, but saw the velcro wrap around band and thought it would be perfect for a toddler chef.

To tie in the airplane theme a little bit, I also used an airplane graphic on the bag of sugar cookie mix included in the gift basket (bowl?) The recipe using the mix was written in a kid-friendly manner and included graphics.

I do have an idea for one more apron, but I think I will hold off for a little bit, lest you think this has become the apron blog.


Favorite of the day: Besides being a clever idea, these are beautifully presented.

Working on: Busy beaver in the craft room


Handi Dandi Mandi said...

I say who doesn't love a good apron?!?! This little gift is just too cute! I love the apron for the little one and that fabric is just too much! Perhaps that apron will carry over into the crafty side of his world and serve double duty as a smock!

Lovely job, I know he'll adore it!

Very Mary said...

And I am just so stinking proud of you for using up what you have! Even the "good" fabric:)