Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the Work Basket: April

Whaaat? Do your eyes deceive you?

Nope - it's a Work Basket project completed well before the end of the month. Hip hip hooray!

This is a very rad cubby/bulletin board combo in my craft room that I am excited to finish up (just need to find baskets/boxes for the cubbies). I made the bulletin board part out of 4 separate homasote pieces of wrapped in batting and covered in neutral fabrics. The doily was made by my grandma, and you will be seeing a few more in my completed room.

I have been on fire this month getting stuff done in this room. Some things are actual projects for the room from a list, and when I post about those I will note them as such. Other things are just random little projects littering my craft table that I am working on just to get out of the way to clear space. I can't wait to show you more!

Remaining work basket projects (in no particular order):

- Quilt for my mom
- Sandwich wrap
- Carpet bag
- Tunic
- Hooded towel repair
- Vest for Hank
- Men's shirt refashion
- Skirt

Completed projects:

- January: Baby pants
- February: Baby quilt (using BT's baby blanket)
- March: Apron repair


Favorite of the day: Please read more about Healing Maggie Grace here.

Working on: Sock creatures (I told you - random)

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mascanlon said...

LOve the set up Jennifer especially using the 4 different neutrals to add dimension.