Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Desk shot

Just a filler post until I can complete my last craft room update for now (I think I'll hold off on the ironing board cover, but thanks so much for the suggestions!)

Here is a shot of my entire desk. Granted, admittedly, I had to move a few projects in progress out of the way to get this shot of the bulletin board, sewing machine cover, cubbies, and curio shelf, but completing those projects is a #1 priority for me so that the desk can look this way all the time.

One silly project was done with the sole purpose of using four crocheted pieces that came with a flower loom kit I purchased years ago. If I didn't find something to do with them during my craft room spruce up, they would have been out the door to Goodwill. So, I strung them together with ribbon and made a cozy of sorts for a Mason jar used to store my knitting needles.

I also wanted to show you these cute jelly jars I picked up thrifting during an Arizona trip. They had tags on them that that indicated they may have spent some time in an antique store, and were marked at $30 each. At Savers they were 99 cents each, and I think it was a half off day or something on top of that. Perhaps both of the stores were incorrect in their pricing, but I'm glad I found the jars where I did.


Favorite of the day: Great snack ideas

Shopping update: Bought lunch today, a mai tai, and looked in a gift store.

Working on: *Hopefully* my last craft room update! Just waiting for some (pre-ordered) decals to arrive!

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I like the cool stuff you have there on the desk!