Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Windows

Task: Shorten shade pulls

Most of these tasks aren't complicated or awe-inspiring, but just those nagging little things that have kept me from feeling this room is complete. The blinds had very long pulls that were becoming a toddler play favorite, so they had to be taken up a bit.

This pic also allows you to see the bookshelf BT built for me that goes across two walls of the room. I stacked the books for a different look. Cone here.

(I do apologize for the horrible quality of my photos as of late. My point and shoot is broken, and a new one was supposedly on the way via an Amazon seller. Imagine my surprise in opening the box to find a GPS car dash mount instead. So a few more days of bad pictures until their error is corrected. Have you ever been shipped the wrong item? Very frustrating.)


Favorite of the day: Papel picado invitations

Working on: Sewing machine cover...? May be too tired.

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