Friday, April 30, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Side tables

Task: Paint side tables and add doily accent

The final (!) craft room spruce up for now was to paint the side tables. They are Ikea tables, and came (thankfully) unfinished. I used spray paint to paint them, and added a doily decal purchased on etsy (the seller also sent a bird decal, which was immediately placed on the art wall!)

I'll let you guess whether or not the pretty, delicate tea candle holders were bought before or after Hank. I hope I am not the only mom who was so naive as to think her child will be the one who wouldn't touch/destroy everything. Yeah - these won't be out much, as most days the craft room looks like this

(he says his version of the ABCs as a countdown to do all his stunts)

Thank you for allowing me to share the process of getting my craft room completed with you!


Favorite of the day: Some of our staff attended a function where these towels were provided as napkins, and attendees were invited to take the towels with them. I almost died from the cuteness. They did not offer to share their bounty.

Shopping update: Thursday - I intentionally went to the mall to go to JoAnn's for a return only, Macy's to drop off cosmetic cases for recycling at Origins only, and Target to drop off an old cell phone for recycling only. No browsing, no purchases. I did have lunch at the mall. I bought 3 items at the grocery store for the church rummage sale the next day. Friday - dropped off snacks for the church rummage sale - no shopping, or even browsing.

Working on: A baby gift

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