Monday, April 26, 2010

Craft Room Spring Cleaning: Sewing machine cover

Task: New sewing machine cover

This post could also be called "Ode to Thrifty Goodness." It has previously been stated how well Rebecca had me pegged in our swap way back when. But here is proof how much I love everything she sent as part of that package. It is three {gulp} years later (where does the time go?), and I still need to have her pin cushion, stamped stationery, a little birdie teacup close at hand.

I also loved the pillowcase she sent as part of that swap so much that I salvaged it from our old laundry room with the intent to make a new sewing machine cover. I finished the new cover last night. I used my old one as a pattern, and also added a pocket to hold the power cord, and embellished the cover with one of my grandma's doilies. A little unexpected problem, in that the power cord weighted down the back, and pulled the cover down with it. A quick fix included a strap that fits under the machine and is held on the front by velcro. It is now more secure to store the foot pedal under the cover with the loop in place, so it serves a dual purpose.

Completing the cover, I also cleaned out my machine. Umm - scary. I know some people do this after every project, but I can't tell you how long it had been since my machine had been cleaned out. It's like a brand new machine now, and much quieter.


Favorite of the day: I'm going to say this is a tad overboard for a baby shower. But, I like a lot of the ideas for parties in general, and the colors are gorgeous.

Shopping update: Only groceries today, and that's it for the week. BT did buy a composting bin he says is for me. I had nothing to do with this act of consumerism ;)

Working on: Curio shelf


Claudia Lawrence said...

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Rebecca said...

I love it! I knew that pillowcase would become something wonderful someday. :) I have only a few of the sweet stamped birdie envelopes left that you made me. I use them for special letters to people. :) Oh and I made the beef, bean and cornbread casserole recipe the other night that you included in the recipe box you decorated for me AND I used my birdie chopsticks for sushi last weekend! Looks like we both have to have our birdie stuff close at hand :)